Translation : Sandrine Urvois 

Gwenaël Milliner spent his childhood on the Ile de Sein that he left at the age of 11 years.

Early on, he developed a passion for drawing but it is at the age of 17 that he began to paint.
In a few months, he realized gouache landscapes and scenes of everyday life that it exposes on the Ile de Sein, and he experimented with oil and acrylic.

A few years later, frustrated by the result, he decided to give up and is dedicated to another passion music.

In 1999, he set up with friends the group celtic pop-rock "Spleen a gan" becoming the singer songwriter.

After forty concerts, CD and memories, the band split in 2002.

 Gwenaël wants to continue the experience and makes a "more personal" model of songs with the help of Erwan Loussouarn guitarist accordionist of the separated group.

The labels not wanting it, Gwenaël ends adventure in early 2004.

 2005 will be a year of artistic emptiness and questioning.

In spring 2006, Gwenaël visit the exhibition of Yann Queffelec, Quimper's artist at the hall of Douarnenez.

This exhibition presents a series of large canvases devoid of colors representing the sea, shores, rocks.

Althought this minimalist work, "zen", sometimes on the threshold of the abstract does not look like Gwenaël, this painting will be yet another trigger for him.

It then goes back to the paint brushes, and arms himself with to tubes : black and white.

He began a series of painting depicting emaciated men in positions where the tension is palpable and in distressing environments.
Thus he painted  "Le rasage" to be exhibited at the painting's Salon of Douarnenez in june 2006.


In july 2007, Gwenaël goes on the top floor of the Museum of Art in Brittany Quimper where there is an exhibition of Bernard Buffet. The pictorial shock is strong, Gwenaël comes out of the exhibition somehow upset and fascinated at the same time.

The following months, The Sénan enters a painting competition that he won. "Pont-Croix" is the first painting of a serie which invites the color again.

Later, "Deux congres" representing an emaciated sailor wearing at arms two long fishes gets the Prize "Jean Toth" at the Salon of painting Douarnenez in 2008.

Autodidact, Gwenaël Milliner continues to paint freely. He affirms himself in an evolving style stained with expressionism which combines movement, color, humor, self-deprecating, Breton culture, violence of human relations, maladjustment, eroticism, religion, transgression of taboos, explosion of life and lucidity towards of death.

There is a side outlet in its approach...

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